what sets us apart

Personal, Genuine, Quality Orthodontic Care

Becoming part of the Eberle Orthodontics family includes lots of perks! As a second generation board-certified orthodontist, Dr. Eberle is passionate about providing exceptional quality orthodontic care for her patients. A brief conversation with her and you'll know how committed she is to helping you achieve your gorgeous smile! She does not recommend a single orthodontic treatment that she would not propose for herself or one of her family members. Dr. Eberle takes the time to get to know you and your family - your school play, where your grandkids live, your academic achievements. She might even ask to be your adoptive sister on one of your fun family vacations! Dr. Eberle also takes pride in her personalized orthodontic practice and makes a point to know everyone's name. Additionally, she sees every patient at every appointment. She believes close monitoring of each patient's care is essential for outstanding orthodontic treatment. These features contribute to our family-like environment. At the completion of orthodontic treatment, Dr. Eberle is thrilled to have participated to creating a great smile, but sad that someone has graduated from the family.

An outstanding team of women

We have a friendly, caring team of women with over 50 years combined experience in orthodontics. Dr. Nicole Eberle is one of the only female orthodontists in the Cherry Creek area of Denver. Whether it be coordinating your schedule with ours, navigating the maze of insurance, making sure the colors on your braces match your favorite sports team or the dress you're wearing to your next school dance, or receiving the most technologically up-to-date orthodontic treatment, we are here for you.

Board Certified Orthodontist

Dr. Eberle has not only received an orthodontic certificate requiring all the training of a general dentist, plus several years of post-graduate education in an American Dental Association-accredited program in the specialty of orthodontics, she is also board certified. What does this mean to our patients and families? As board-certified orthodontist she has voluntarily completed the rigorous examination process of The American Board of Orthodontics (ABO). Involvement in the certification process is a demonstration of Dr. Eberle's pursuit of continued proficiency and excellence. Dr. Eberle focuses solely on orthodontics so that she can provide you with the most effective and long-lasting treatment results. Dr. Eberle is currently the only board certified orthodontist within 4 miles of our practice. Fewer than 10% of orthodontists in Denver are board certified.

Dr. Eberle named Top Orthodontist by 5280 Magazine

Dr. Eberle is honored to be recognized among her peers as a 5280 Top Dentist in 2016 for a seventh consecutive year. Dentists in the community who are asked who they would recommend as an orthodontist for their friends and family determine this list.

Thorough Initial Exam

Dr. Eberle knows that orthodontic treatment is a big decision, so she wants you to make that decision with as much information as possible. Eberle Orthodontics offers comfortable, obligation-free consultation appointments to help you learn more about orthodontic treatment, as well as get a better idea what you or your child's orthodontic needs might be.

Join the family!

Dr. Eberle invites and encourages family and friends to the treatment area. There can never be too many people joining in the fun! Everyone can dream about what colors they would pick if they had braces! There can also never be too many questions!

Learn Responsibility and Empowerment at the Orthodontist

At Eberle Orthodontics, we have a tradition of empowering kids. Your child or teenager will be intimately involved in their orthodontic experience. Our hope is your children will bring this sense of responsibility about their orthodontic treatment home with them.

Adult Orthodontics

Straightening teeth with clear or invisible orthodontic appliances is gaining popularity with adults who missed the opportunity to improve their teeth and bite in their teens or stopped wearing their retainers. Dr. Eberle offers the latest orthodontic treatment that is less visible or hidden from view. We work closely with our adult orthodontic patients to determine if they are a good fit for invisible braces, including ceramic (clear) braces, or Invisalign. Dr. Eberle was recently honored as an Invisalign Preferred Provider in 2021 for a eleventh consecutive year and is a leading Invisalign orthodontist in Denver.

Extensive before and after school and work hours

Are you a morning person? Is your family involved in several extra-curricular activities after school? We'll be at the office at 7AM with two eyes open and a smile on our face! Our after school and work hours are also convenient for those of you who have busy mornings.

Emphasis on excellent brushing and flossing before, during, and after orthodontic treatment

Did you know that bacteria found in your mouth have been implicated in heart disease? Dr. Eberle feels strongly that it is important to develop excellent brushing and flossing habits at a young age. As such, Dr. Eberle and her team review each patient's oral hygiene at every appointment. For all patients with braces, the arch wires are removed at each appointment and time is provided for every patient to thoroughly brush and floss before the arch wires are put back in. Dr. Eberle's idea of an excellent orthodontic result includes straight teeth, a functional bite, and healthy teeth and gums. She feels that with today's resources, every person will keep their own teeth their entire life as long as they take care of them.

Eberle Token Program

The Eberle Token Program is here! Patients earn tokens for great oral hygiene, compliance with their braces and retainers, excellence in education with awesome report cards, and more. Tokens can be redeemed for small prizes at each visit, or you can save them up for a few months and redeem them for bigger items or gift cards. There are plenty of fun things to choose from! One way to collect tokens is by having your hygienist or dentist fill out the dental certificate below when you are in for your regular cleaning appointments. Once your dentist or hygienist signs it, bring it to your next visit with us and we will give you 4 Eberle Tokens. Click here for dental certificate.

Helping Denver Smile for Life

Dr. Eberle believes that orthodontic treatment should be a once in a lifetime opportunity and this goal can be achieved with proper orthodontic treatment planning and retainers. Lots of time and thought is spent discussing what types of appliances (braces, expanders, Invisalign) are appropriate for you or your child. Equal time is spent on what type of retainer is most appropriate for you. Because teeth always remember their starting position, life-long retention of the teeth is critical. If you desire, Dr. Eberle cements permanent retainers on the teeth she feels are at highest risk of moving back to their original alignment. She is a firm believer in permanent retainers - she's had one herself for over 20 years! 

The latest clinical treatment and procedures, including

Accelerated orthodontic treatment: Who doesn't want their orthodontic treatment to move along faster? Now it can with the use of VPro5! 

VPro5 is the only FDA-cleared device to greatly reduce orthodontic treatment time by as much as 30-40%. 

Digital scanner: Our digital scanner is like a GoPro for your mouth. This means fewer goopy impressions for our patients.

Digital x-rays: provide patients and our team instantly with excellent images and with less radiation than conventional film x-rays.

Temporary anchorage devices: are temporary implants used during orthodontic treatment that allows Dr. Eberle to move teeth more predictably. This means a better esthetic and functional result for our patients. Sometimes this means avoiding jaw surgery! 

Soft tissue laser: At Eberle Orthodontics our goal is to provide our patients with the best esthetic and functional outcome possible. The best result requires thorough analysis of both the hard tissue (teeth) and soft tissue (gums). Our soft tissue laser allows us recontour the gum tissue for our patients, if necessary, to give them the smile they deserve. The soft tissue laser also allows us to help answer the unending question, "Dr. Eberle, when is that tooth going to come in?" In some circumstances, the soft tissue laser can be used to uncover a tooth that is slow to come in, ensuring your orthodontic treatment proceeds in a timely manner.

Giving back to the community

Dr. Eberle believes that every child should have the opportunity of a beautiful smile. She participates in a program called Smiles Change Lives. Smiles Change Lives promotes and provides access to life changing, essential orthodontic treatment for children from low-income families. This program benefits children ages 11-18 who desperately need, but whose families cannot afford, braces. If you or someone you know could be a candidate for this program please contact them at 1-888-900-3554 or log on to their website at www.smileschangelives.org for program guidelines.